A brave new challenge with food

These are indeed tough economic times and a challenge for those of us who like to eat well. I hope to give a little insight as to how I achieve this – healthy meals that owe nothing to additives and everything to nature’s bounty. As I say in my profile, MSG is ‘the enemy’. If you use fresh produce and cook it with a bit of love and care, you will never need to use nasty additives to enhance flavour.

I absolutely espouse seasonality in fruit and vegetables. By eating what nature provides within her seasons, we learn what to expect month on month, building up a repertoire of recipes, that use easy-to-find ingredients. It always seems crazy to me, to be looking for exotic fruit and vegetables in Wintertime, for example, when your tummy is crying out for a heart-warming beef or lamb stew, with carrots, turnips and floury potatoes, slowly braised over many hours until meltingly tender – need I say more?

My first step here will be to discuss what makes a good larder, or store-cupboard. We all have an opinion on this, I am sure, but I would like to share some of my cannot-do-without ingredients with you – and hopefully get some feedback and additions to that list too.

I look forward to your company on this culinary adventure .


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