Packets, jars and cans

Top larder ingredients:

A good curry paste – korma/Bhuna/Balti or whatever floats your boat

Dried chili mix (Nam Prik Klang Dong)

Tomato puree


Tins of good quality chopped tomatoes

Assorted dried herbs

Yutaka Japanese miso soup (sachets x 5 per box) Can be the basis for any clear soup to which you can add thinly sliced vegetables of your choice)

Honey (Plain)

Dijon mustard

Tahini paste


Dried pasta shapes, spaghetti and tagliatelli

Noodles – thin and medium

Basmati rice


Plain flour

Self raising flour

Wlolemeal flour (If you are lucky enough to live in Cork buy Macroom flour)

Bread flour (00)

Bread soda

Baking powder

Cream of tartar

Ground: Ginger/Cloves/nutmeg/Cinnamon

Cocoa powder

Arrowroot ( for thickening sweet sauces without turning them opaque)

Vanilla pods and extract (never essence as this is entirely synthetic)


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