Mascarpone cream tart – A simple desert with the ‘wow factor’

This is a desert I devised one day when I needed a top-notch pudd that only required assembling time. I almost always keep an unbaked pastry shell in the freezer which only requires baking and cooling for this tart. Your friends will be so impressed!

This quantity of pastry will be enough for 3/4 bases, depending on the size of your tin. If you don’t want to put a tin in the freezer, you can freeze the pastry divided into portions wrapped well in a freezer bag.

500g plain flour

100g castor sugar

250g butter – hard from fridge

2 large eggs – beaten lightly

Zest of a lemon

A  splash of milk

Into a magimix / foodprocessor put flour, sugar, zest and butter. Mix until it resembles crumbs and then add eggs and milk. Mix until the pastry comes together. Wrap in clingfilm and put in the fridge for and  hour or so. Depending on the size of your tin, take a portion off and roll out to fit, making sure it is well greased. Bake at 180*C/350F for 35 minutes or until golden brown.


Filling (For a 25cm crust)

1 tub of mascarpone cheese

250mls cream

½ jar of good quality lemon curd

Icing sugar to taste

Zest of a lemon and lime

Small punnet of rasberries or berry of choice

Spread the lemon curd onto the base of the cooled tart shell. Combine cheese, cream, sugar and mix until you achieve a spreading consistency. Spread neatly over the lemon curd. Then finely grate zest over cream mix and decorate with berries. Stand back and wait for the compliments!

Tip: For those watching their calorie count you can use light mascarpone cheese and Avonmore cooking cream (50% less fat) without affecting the taste. Why should you  miss out on a treat!


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