Boozy whisky liquor

Boozy whisky liquor










This is a lovely hostess gift at any time of the year, but especially welcome at Christmas. It can be used as a drink, over ice, or indeed, it is glorious poured over vanilla ice-cream.

Simple to make:

397g or one can of sweetened condensed milk
750mls of ordinary pouring cream
Vanilla extract/vanilla paste, and some vanilla pods
Half to one full bottle of whisky, depending on taste

Pour the cream into a very large jug, and whip until lightly thickened. I used a stick blender and it took about five seconds to do this.

Add the condensed milk and mix well with a wooden spoon.
I like to see the vanilla seeds in the finished liquor, so I used vanilla bean paste to taste, as much as you like.

Add the whiskey, at least a half bottle or more, and mix well.

Then, using some nicely shaped, clean bottles, split a few vanilla pods and put them in, tucking down well below the rims.

Pour the liquor into the bottles and close with a cork or Kilner top, if using.

Store in the fridge for about two months, but it will keep longer.



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  1. I like the sound of this…. much better than the commercial things available.

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