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Post-Christmas dessert

This post is all about Stollen – and yes, I know there are divided views on this.! Please don’t look away now, as I believe I can change your mind about this versatile cake, and I also know it might just become one of your favourite deserts – ever! When you mention the word Stollen, thoughts immediately run to marzipan – and NASTY, greasy marzipan, at that, but here’s the thing, most Stollen recipes call for ‘proper’ almond paste, which is nothing like its more commercial cousin. ¬†It is like the difference between using almond essence, entirely processed, or almond extract, entirely natural, in your baking. There is no contest! Anyway, this recipe is a very quick, no bake desert, using up that leftover Stollen, in an ever-so delicious way. You will not regret trying it.

Put a frying pan on a medium heat with a knob of butter and a little oil (This stops the butter from burning)

Slice the Stollen into 1cm thick slices, allowing two pieces per person



Sprinkle some castor sugar on each side, using a sieve to get a nice coating
Place the slices in the frying pan and brown for a minute or two, then turn over and repeat the process

While the second side is browning, and this step is optional and only for grown-ups, heat some brandy in a small pot, and set alight. Please be careful at this point. My insurance does not cover singed eyebrows ūüėČ


Remove the Stollen to a warm plate, set the brandy alight, and pour over the cake! By now the almond paste will have melted into gorgeousness, and all you have to do is pour a little cream over, and delight in its deliciousness – okay that might be one superlative too far, but really, I cannot tell you how much you will enjoy this dessert. Trust me, I don’t usually like sweet offerings, but I would make a very definite exception for this.


If you wonder where you might get Stollen, the German supermarkets are stocking it at the moment. I bought mine in Lidl, and no, I have no affiliations with this or any store.


More here on the history of Stollen: http://www.stollenbread.com/stollenbread/stollenhistory.html


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Snow-capped salty chocolate squares aka Rocky Road

This recipe is my take on a no-bake treat, delicious¬†¬†with a steaming, fragrant cup of your favourite coffee. A little goes a long way so it does last a lot longer than other treats. It takes only as long as the chocolates takes to melt and then some setting time in the fridge. A perfect Christmas gift in a cellophane bag tied with a red ribbon. The amount of squares depends on the size you cut your squares – that’s up to you.


100g  70% chocolate

100g good quality milk chocolate

100g salted peanuts

200g butter – cubed

3 honeycomb bars  Рroughly chopped (I used crunchies)

Icing sugar to dust

A greaseproof-lined 25 x 20cm tin


Get a small saucepan on a low heat with some boiling water from the kettle. Put a heatproof bowl on top, but not touching the water below. Break your chocolate into the bowl along with the butter to melt gently. Remove the bowl from the heat and add the peanuts and crunchies. Stir well until combined. Pop this into the fridge until set – at least two hours. Remove then and turn out onto a board. Remove greaseproof paper, dust with icing sugar from a small sieve and cut into squares. Store in a cool place, covered, and enjoy!

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