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Chocolate gingerbread with gooey chocolate caramel icing

A tray-bake is always a winner as it goes a long way and this one is a hard-to-beat recipe. It ticks all the boxes of deliciousness, gooeyness and cut-an-come-again temptation. Also, and this is always a bonus, it is all done in a saucepan on the hob! A one pot wonder, you might say.

First set your oven to 180C / 350F / Gas 4

Grease and line a 30 x 20cm / 12 x 8″ tin with greaseproof paper

Into a medium saucepan put the following:

150g / 5½ oz butter

125g / 4½ oz muscovado sugar

200g / 7 oz golden syrup

200g / 7 oz treacle

4 tbsps ground ginger

2 tbsp mixed spice



Heat gently while stirring, until the butter has melted. Remove from heat to add the following:

100g / 4 oz dark chocolate – 70% cocoa solids

Stir until melted. Then add:

200 ml / 7 fluid oz milk

1tsp bicarbonate of soda (bread soda) dissolved in 2 tbsp tepid water

To this mixture add:

300g / 11oz plain flour

Use a whisk to combine into a smooth batter. Pour into the prepared tin and bake for 35 mins until a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean. Allow to cool for 10  mins in the tin. Then invert onto a cooling rack and remove paper. Allow to cool completely.Then lift the gingerbread (carefully) back into the tin for icing.












For the icing:

Put some boiling water from the kettle into a small saucepan. Put a medium heat-proof bowl on top. Make sure the bowl does not touch the water.

Put 100g / 3½ oz of 70% dark chocolate into the bowl and melt on a gentle heat.

Meanwhile sieve 350g / 12½ ounces of icing sugar and 10 tbsp of cocoa powder into a bowl.

Remove the chocolate from the heat and saucepan and pour into the sugar and cocoa. Then mix in 397g / 14 oz tin of Carnation caramel (dulce de leche). Stir well to combine. What you are looking for is a pouring consistency. If the mix is too stiff it won’t spread, so at that point you can add a little milk to slacken the mixture. Only add a little at a time, to get the desired effect. Pour this onto the cooled gingerbread and spread it so it falls over the top and sides. Leave to set for a couple of hours, if you can resist the temptation. Cut into slices and enjoy with your favourite tea or coffee. I guarantee you will want to make this again and again.






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